Our Approach

Step this way to find out how we roll...

We are here to make your life easier. Whether you are planning a wedding, party or event, we want to understand your ideas and deliver your vision. Whilst our systems keep us organised, we like a personal approach. So reach for a cuppa and let's chat about how we make it happen!

The first step

Ping (you drop us a line with your thoughts and ideas)

Brring-brring (we think it might be nice to have a quick chat)

Ah ha! (we now understand exactly what you want and need)


The second step

Eek! (you get excited about the options we recommend)

Cha-ching (we tell you what kind of dent this might make)

Squiggle (thinking done, decisions made. Let’s sign on the dotted line)


The third step

Buzz (you can’t wait for this to be happening!)

Boom (your event goes down a storm)

Clink (we all raise a little TOAST)


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