Corporate Events


It’s happening and you’re planning it. So let’s get organised. Whether you are adding a little fine-tuning to an existing plan or needing the whole shebang sorting, we get it.

We want you to feel proud and your boss to be prouder. Tell us what you need and we’ll happily accompany you till the end.


Check in and grab a canapé. From the arrival, music helps delegates relax and feel comfortable whilst adding structure to your event. Changes in volume and tempo will also alert guests that something pretty great is about to happen!


Da-dahh! You've got 4 seconds to make a great first impression. Why not use clever stuff like professional audio-visual design, staging and live elements to showcase your brand, products, services and achievements. (Then listen out for the 'woah!')


Mark the milestones with employees, customers, partners and friends of your organisation who will love an all-singing, all-dancing excuse for a knees-up. Have a scroll below and discover the Act that'll strike the right note for your event.


The feel-good bit. If the words ‘corporate event’ trigger an automatic yawn reflex, think again. Impress your guests with the professional delivery of a jolly good time. It's all about creating an insanely good experience.

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See all acts

Browse our amazing roster of live acts and discover the perfect line-up for your event.

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"Working with Toast means working with the best. All of the entertainment, from pianists to high octane bands, provided by Toast guarantee you top quality musicians who are also unparalleled professionals. I’m always delighted to work with any of the acts from Toast."

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