Uninhibited dad-dancing, bad singer's heaven, pure self-absorbed freedom of expression.

Silent discos are fun for any age and especially perfect for the wind-down part of your Wedding, Party or Event. When a noise restriction kicks in, keep on partying into the early hours and allow the non-dancers to actually enjoy a non-shouty conversation. Everyone's happy.

We use top of the range, rechargeable headphones that can play any songs you choose plus the powerful transmitters mean people can dance anywhere they want. Handy!

  • Choose the required sets of LED headphones (for example 50, 100 or 500)
  • Create your own playlist/ we will create an amazing bespoke playlist for you!
  • Have up to three music channels to choose from
  • Easy plug & play set-up
  • Add a disco Lighting Package
  • Include a Dancefloor - LED black or white gloss sparkle or chequerboard

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