Can't decide between a DJ or a live band? Our Toast Percussionists combine the best of both worlds, playing all your favourite tunes as you have never heard them before with live drums and percussion.

Bringing you the most banging live music trend right now, (just saying), and a fresh accompaniment to your Live Act or DJ, a Toast percussionist will offer the perfect explosion of energy to liven up your party or event.

Thanks to their years of experience on club and live music circuit, our Percussionists can also join additional artists such as saxophonists to ensure the crowd are engaged in an exciting, interactive live performance, adding an extra layer of wow-factor to your night.

To include a percussionist with your DJ booking or Live Act, get in touch!

Providing a full percussion show and adding an injection of rhythmic energy, your percussionist could play a combination of the following:

  • Bongos and congas
  • Drums
  • Cymbals, cowbells & chime bars

Call us for a personal consultation to arrange the ideal percussion accompaniment for your DJ or Live Act.

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"It was a pleasure looking after everyone, the band were fantastic to work with and I was really impressed with the sound & the professionalism across the board!"

Ellen Meekin, Millbridge Court