Light & Sound

We have some blindingly good options

The impact of powerful sound, designer lighting and high-quality AV production could be the difference between a run-of-the-mill party atmosphere and an epic immersive experience! So why not dive in and get some ideas…

Many of our acts already come with our Basic or Standard Light and Sound packages but to maximise impact and show your acts of in the best possible light, (excuse the pun), you may want to upgrade!

Check out our Standard and Premium packages but if you have other ideas, hit us up! We'd love to help you achieve your vision!

Our lighting packages:

1. Basic Lighting
LED lighting for your act

2. Standard Lighting
Basic plus:
- Moving lights for your dancefloor
- Mirrorball effect lighting
- Uplighting (wireless) for your venue

3. Premium Lighting
Basic + Standard plus:
- Laser light shows
Contact us for a bespoke quote based on the scale of your event.

Our sound packages:

1. Basic Sound
Small portable sound system for background music and speeches:
2 x speakers, mixing desk, microphone and stand, iPod playlist facilities

2. Standard Sound
Medium sound system for events of any kind - up to 200 people
2 x tops speakers, 2 x subs, mixing desk, microphones, microphone stands, sound engineer.

3. Premium Sound
Sound system for events of any kind - 200 people plus
Contact us for a bespoke quote based on the scale of your event.

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