With a mixture of Serious Skills, Stupid Stunts, and Frenzied ‘Off the Wall’ improv comedy, Dan's quick wit and on the button 'improv' silliness is a sure fire hit with any audience!

Dan has been performing for the last 19 years, all over the World. He has worked at Festivals , on Stages, and on the Streets in front of thousands of people. Let Dan the Hat take you on a frenzied journey of skills and comedy. With world class Hat Manipulation, Juggling and YoYo - interspersed with ridiculous feats of stupidity! Audience interaction throughout , (whether they like not!)

Normally 3 sets a day. 45-60 minute walkabout sets. 30-45 minute shows. 60 minute workshops.

Dan the Hat - Comedian , Juggler & Stupid Stuntman
The Jersey Girls - Interactive ,Buxom,Bovine Beauties (Walkabout)
Nathaniel - Victorian Gentleman Juggler on his penny farthing (Walkabout)

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